Tips for How to Cook for a Split Table


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Tips for How to Cook for a Split Table. Do you have a split table in your home where some family members want meat and others want meatless? Do you have family members who are vegetarians and others who are meat lovers? Do you ever entertain where you need to feed both vegetarians and meat-eaters? Well, if so I have help, tips, guidance, advice, and recipes for you! I'm Julie Hoag and I've cooked this way for over 27 years for my family because I'm a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian since the eighth grade so after my mom passed away when I was in high school, I became the primary cook for our family. I was indoctrinated into this way of cooking at a young age. Then I continued to cook this way because my husband ate meat, and then I went on to have three boys, who also eat meat. I never wanted to guide my children, I wanted them to make the choice about whether to eat meat or not. They all have chosen to eat meat, so, rather than be a short-order cook all the time, I started doing hybrid recipes. What are hybrid recipes? They are recipes that contain both a meatless portion and a meat-containing portion in one recipe. It is possible! I do it all the time! All you need to do is have the correct mindset, be mindful as you prepare and serve, and do some forethought. Stay tuned as in this podcast I will share recipes as well as tricks weekly to help you cook for your split table family in easier, more efficient, and quicker ways.
It's so nice to meet you! Oh, and I'm from Minnesota so my recipes are influenced by Midwest cooking, hot dishes, and home cooking made simple. I'm a busy mom, and I love gourmet, but I need easy quick meals, for the most part, to work smoothly in my frantic mom life.
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