Making Plans with Nolan Thompson of Nolan Built


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On this episode, host Ethan Abramson sits down with Nolan Thompson, owner of the Virginia based furniture company Nolan Built.

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Nolan has a plan and he has been following it. But as every business owner knows, plans change, and the measure of your success isn’t how good the plan you started with was, it is how well you were able to adjust your plan to still reach your goals.

This is something that Nolan knows well, and he has managed these changes throughout his career. Adjusting his building practices, adjusting his pricing, adjusting his overall business plan, but even with all that, he is still heading towards the same end goal that he started with.

Follow along as we talk about the importance of community in the furniture industry, how to make your website more searchable online, why it is ok to not know all the answers, and much more.

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