#104 7 Benefits of Drinking Water after WLS


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Drink water! Drink more fluids! How many times have you heard this since your weight loss surgery? Too many to count, right? But on the flip side, there are so many fabulous benefits to your health from drinking water. I’ll share seven in this episode of Bariatric Surgery Success.

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Did you know that your body is 60% water? No wonder water is so important for your health especially after weight loss surgery. Even though they are times drinking enough water is a pain in the patootie, the benefits to your health make all the effort so worthwhile.

Let’s talk about these seven benefits of drinking water:

  1. beats brain fog
  2. banishes bad breath
  3. keeps skin more elastic
  4. protects your heart
  5. mood manager
  6. fight that dreaded weight regain
  7. fabulous foods that have high water content and other nutritional benefits

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