186- The Ancient Art of Sugaring for Hair Removal [with Salome Sallehy]


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Women with PCOS often struggle with excess hair growth. Many women have tried different hair removal techniques from electrolysis, at-home lasers, waxing, or threading. I came across a product that is a natural at-home option for hair removal and I am delighted to share it with you on today’s podcast. I speak with Salome Sallehy, the founder and president of Sugar Sugar Wax. She shares all the benefits of sugar waxing and how it can really help women with PCOS. This hair removal technique is really new to me, but I've tried it out and I'm so impressed with the results. Listen in as we discuss: - What is sugaring - Why is it a great hair removal method for women with PCOS - Step by step instructions on how to use Sugar Sugar Wax - When the best time to wax is based on the different hair growth phases - Hair positivity – empowering women to not feel shame around body hair

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