Saturday, January 21, 2023 - CHEERIOS, WITHCHEESE, and WINESAUCE - a gastronomically very confused crossword 😀


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A challenging Saturday crossword -- Jean had an epic struggle in the north central area of the grid, and Mike had an epic struggle ... everywhere! But along the way we were able to appreciate such fine vintage clues as 12D, Earring Magic ______ (1990s doll that developed a cult following), KEN; 52A, Web portal released the same day as Windows 95, MSN; and 20A, Transition effect famously used in "Star Wars" films, WIPE. All the deets -- plus the announcement of this week's JAMCOTWA (Jean And Mike Crossword Of The Week Award) winner are all here, just waiting for you to download, play, and enjoy!

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