Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Reality


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Ulrike and her guest, Joy Ajlouny, one of the Top One Percent Of Female Entrepreneurs, share mind-blowing insights about how to achieve even your wildest dreams.

Born and raised in California to Palestinian refugees, Joy has built a reputation for her success in startups and ventures worldwide, all the while disrupting the status quo of women in business. Joy attributes her tremendous success to one simple truth: You need to change your thoughts to change your reality.

Joy stopped thinking that she wasn't thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough. She simply stopped thinking the word ‘enough’. And she started changing her thoughts and that’s when something really miraculous happened in her life. Joy has been living this motto for many years and wakes up every morning thinking about what she can do rather than what she can't do.

If you want to build that builds self-esteem, that's what makes you feel amazing about yourself and experience a real-life example of an extremely powerful and confident woman, this episode is for you!

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About Joy Ajlouny

Businesswoman, Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur And Advisor, Joy Ajlouny Is A Flash-Bang Grenade Thrown Into The Middle East. Belonging To The Top One Percent Of Female Entrepreneurs, The Self-Made Entrepreneur Has “Gamified Rejection” And Carved Her Space In The Business World.

In 2015 Ajlouny Co-Founded Fetchr, The Silicon Valley-Backed Tech Company That Was Created To Tackle The Middle East’s “No Address” Issue, Which Has Been Long Been A Hindrance To Growth In Emerging Markets. She Facilitated $11 Million In Initial Investments In Fetchr, As Well As $41 Million In A Series B Round In 2017. Having Raised Over $72 Million,The Company Now Successfully Operates In Five Countries With A 4500-Person Staff, And Was Dubbed The Number One Startup In The Middle East By Forbes. In 2019, Ajlouny Demonstrated That She Was Beholden To Nobody When She Resigned From Her Position At Fetchr, With Plans To Launch Her Third Silicon Valley-Backed Company Later This Year. As A Self-Made Woman In The Industry, Ajlouny Is Passionate About Encouraging And Investing Knowledge Into The Young Women Of Tomorrow.

About Ulrike Seminati

Ulrike Seminati is a long-standing senior executive, coach and author. After over 20 years of being a successful leader in corporate organizations, Ulrike believes that female leadership is one of the biggest untapped potentials in the world. Ulrike is known for combining all her experience and years of excelling in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques that she gives it to hard workers like you, allowing you to flourish, realize the root causes of your struggle, and finally land that leadership spot you’re after!

Outline of the Episode:

[03:10] The story behind her tremendous success

[05:35] Change your thoughts to change your reality

[08:52] Powerfully dealing with rejection

[13:55] Showing up and using your uniqueness

[16:28] Standing up for your ideas no matter what

[19:01] Finding a great business idea

[20:57] It’s never too early to reach for the stars

[23:58] Train yourself to get your mindset right

[25:37] Stepping out of your comfort zone

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Get your free e-book “Top 10 Achievers’ Lessons” by clicking here!

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