#57: Case Study 15 - Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Ms M*


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Welcome to Episode 57 of Case Study 15 - Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Ms M* (not her real name).
Ms M asked: (1) Any past life connection between Ms M and Ms X? (2) Any tips to work on abandonment issues / inner child issues? (3) Any advice for Ms M and her family, as her father had a stroke, finances are quite tight and she is also juggling with her studies? (4) Is there any way she can try to forgive her father who had a stroke, because she feels that he needs to be blamed for not taking care of himself? (5) Why is dating so difficult for her? Does Masters have anything to share with her, other than healing the inner child wounds? (6) As we live in a heteronormative society, what do Masters have to say about finding the same gender partner or about relationships with the same gender, after healing the inner child issue? What kind of advice will the Masters give?
Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Ms M for sharing her story, and details of her Akashic Records session, with everybody. We hope you enjoy & benefit from it! <3
Credit to music used: Keys of Moon – A Promise, Spring Flowers, Life Blossom
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