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Before you can read an Akashic Record for others it's helpful to know what the Akashics is, how to navigate through it, and how to read your own. Each episode will explore an aspect of the Akashics ranging from general information on how to access it, discussions of beings who reside there and how to interact with them, tours of unusual or lesser known areas of the Akashics, healing practices, Akashic meditations, and of course discussions about the Akashic Library and your soul book. These ...
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Discussing how to translate the wisdom from your past lives into a knowingness which you can weave into you in a way which nurtures an even more flourishing current life. Akashic Record - Intermediate: https://www.udemy.com/course/draft/4618772/?referralCode=D3D63192250DE295AE9F Support the showTeri Uktena által
Discussing what is possible practically and energetically to support and aid Ukrainians and the country of Ukraine itself. World Central Kitchen: https://wck.org/relief/activation-chefs-for-ukraine Airbnb’s efforts to house Ukrainians: https://www.airbnb.org/help-ukraine Support the showTeri Uktena által
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