Aquarius 13


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A changing of the guards, a fight for change. Invisible trends: air pressure, weather systems, cultural zeitgeist. Environmental conditions, the temperature of the room, the sentiment in the air, sensibility of an age, opinion polls. Broad, abstract insight. Cartography, data science, nautical engineering. Multi faceted or multi valent scenarios. Indications, insight, signals, clues. Anticipation or intuition of the next collective move. New generations clashing with narratives of kinship and historically based group identity. Fighting with parents or older ideas. Causal progression, cyclical processes. Measurement, instruction, advice. Fear of change versus anchorless victim to every fashion and fad. Planning, coordination, public service. Prophetic reorganization of communities or collective in advance of necessary changes. Rebellion, revolution, anarchy. Vengeful, vindictive, violent outbursts. Crisis of succession. Human solidarity facing factional loyalties. The ceaseless march of time, trampling our small wishes and perspectives.

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