Ep 10: A-I The Next Step in Liberating or Dominating us All? Interview with Futurist Thomas Frey - Part 3 of Our Series On: The Beginning of the End of Your Privacy Rights, and The Future of Money


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Previously, in this series we have examined how “Big Tech”, in allegiance with governments all over the world are using A-I algorithms to mine your personal data and create your “digital twin.” They use your data to predict your buying habits and to rate your political and social interests and behavior, and in some instances to reward, punish or censor you as a result. The emergent use of digital currency will enable Big Tech and governments a transformative surveillance mechanism that if left unchecked will rob us all of any rights to privacy. China has already started this process and Western nations are not far behind.

In this conclusion to our series, we will examine the role increasing role that A-I will take in our future at work, home and in society. We will examine whether it will liberate or dominate us, and look at some upcoming uses of A-I that are on the horizon. They present both exciting opportunities and serious ethical challenges that must be considered and resolved. Join Spencer as he interviews futurist Thomas Frey to discuss:

  • Will AI ever develop the tools to operate independently of humans?
  • Will trips to the geneticist be part of the birthing process?
  • Will developing “super babies” and super humans” become the norm?
    • Is this just another ‘back door” entry for the eugenics movement? Do we have the ethics and maturity necessary to genetically engineer our future?
  • The value of a human being: It was $200K. In the future it may be as much as Two Billion Dollars. What skills will you need?
  • The workplace in the future: Collaborative work and freelancers.
  • Forget the apple, bring your computer to school: A-1 Teachers for your kids.

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