1.50 A Prison Within A Prison


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A seemingly random act of violence propels Professor Richard Pratt into The Hereafter. It is a strange, muted, netherworld of the dead -- a world in which he is forced to bear witness to the loss and suffering of the man he left behind, and to the rapid demise of the city he called home. And when the other denizens of his ghostly realm begin to enact a brutal revenge on the world of the living, it is only Richard Pratt that can save them.

With the help of a barefoot 15-year-old boy from the old West and an ancient Goshute wise woman, Richard Pratt sets out to save the man he loves, Salt Lake City, and his own wounded soul. Together, they must face a ferocious enemy bent on the complete destruction of a great American city. An enemy with his fingers deep in Richard's shameful past.

The Last Handful of Clover is a sweeping supernatural thriller about love, loss, regret, and redemption. It is a novel of terror, in which one man is called upon to face the sins of his past in order to save the future for the man he loves, and a city of over a million innocent souls.

Peopled by a cast of unforgettable characters, The Last Handful of Clover is an epic hero's journey into darkness. From the remote Montana wilderness of 1810 to a secret chemical weapons laboratory under the Utah desert, the scope of The Last Handful of Clover is breathtaking, and lays bare the desperate longings, universal loss, and inevitable anguish of being human.

* * *

The Last Handful of Clover is a supernatural thriller by Wess Mongo Jolley, narrated by the author. If you are enjoying this story, please consider supporting the author: http://patreon.com/wessmongojolley.

If you're interested in READING the book, rather than listening to the audiobook, it is available at the Patreon link above, and also on WattPad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/WessMongoJolley, and on QSaltLake.com: https://www.qsaltlake.com/news/category/views/columnists/clover/.

For more information, including maps of the world, and instructions on all five ways to read and/or listen to the books, go to the author's website: http://wessmongojolley.com/fiction.

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