The Scent of Success with Ava Ghiotti of Merchants of Beauty


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Merchants of Beauty is a bespoke luxury candle company that seeks to introduce bold new offerings into the luxury candle industry. Ava Ghiotti, the founder of the business, aims to create tangible experiences through a creative line of candles that each tells its own multi-sensory story. A self-starter, Ghiotti began her career in entrepreneurship as a makeup artist with a passion for candles. Her fearless attitude in business led her to start her own company which focused on shaking up the traditional image of a candle. A native New Yorker, Ava’s Merchants of Beauty collection is inspired by her years living there. The candles capture the urban heartbeat of the city with their modern, chic, and playful designs like “Smells Like Success” and “4am NYC.” In this podcast, Ava covers her early inspirations and entrepreneurship strategies for shaking up the traditional candle market.


  • Hear the story of how Ava’s start in the candle industry began with her work as a makeup artist and an obsession with scent.
  • Learn to get started off into the world of high-end home products; from sourcing quality ingredients and testing, to gaining customer loyalty.
  • Cover ways that Ava generated authentic branding that differentiate her company in a saturated market by focusing on the “Why?” of her products.
  • Learn how Ava cultivates a luxury brand experience through her use of colors, scents, and character design.
  • Hear how to create a domestic manufacturing process and how to select partners in business that are aligned with your company’s goals.

To learn more about Ava Ghiotti’s candle company, visit Merchants of Beauty online or on social media!


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