Ep145 - Evan Davis - What Is Bridging Finance?


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In a seller's market, more people are prepared to buy first, then sell later, hoping that the market is still rising and they can reduce the difference of what they owe for the original house to that of the new house. That's all well and good, but what happens when you can't get the settlement dates to co-incide? You're going to need bridging finance and we have just the right man to tell us all about it.

Evan Davis, Founder and CEO of Money Cat Finance has over 16 years of experience in mortgage broking and multiple successful ventures in the property development and investment space. Evan specialises in self-employed lending and has a passion for helping Australian's realise the great Australian dream of home ownership.

1. What is bridging finance?

2. Do you pay a higher interest rate when you organise bridging finance?

3. What do bank loans look at to approve you for bridging finance?

4. Do you automatically get approved for bridging finance if you already have a home loan?

5. If you get knocked back for bridging finance, what are your alternatives?

6. Give us some great tips about ensuring you're not paying too much for bridging finance.


Evan Davis from Money Cat Finance can be contacted on:

0413 467 246, by email: evan@moneycat.com.au

Website: www.moneycat.com.au

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