Mayor Ed Lawson on Sparks


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But what about Sparks?

The "Reno Area" is of course inclusive of more than just the city of Reno. We also have the city of Sparks immediately adjacent to us as a major part of our shared economy and community, and Sparks shares many of the same concerns Reno does around growth, development, homelessness, and more.

This week on the show we welcome the best person to talk about the city of Sparks- Mayor Ed Lawson!

Ed and Conor talk about what type of city Sparks is and wants to be, how the city plans to grow vertically in key areas, a lands bill 6 years in the making which may create new capacity for tens of thousands of homes, building a new road to connect Spanish Springs and the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, addressing homelessness through the use of Sparks Police Department's HOPE team and regional projects like the NV Cares Campus, Ed's role on the Community Homelessness Advisory board (CHAB), the influence (or lack thereof) of partisanship and national issues on local elections, the smells of nature while riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in the Sierras, and a whole lot more.

Thank you for listening!

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