Ep.2: Chris Abelard - Freelance Graphic Designer Who Has Worked With Vevo, VaynerMedia & Team GaryVee


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Today on One Up Designs, we have with us Chris Abelard. He went from being an Uber driver to a successful freelance graphic designer and has the experience of working with Vevo, VaynerMedia and Team GaryVee. He specializes in logo and cover design.
Listen to his interesting journey and multiple tips for beginners! Don't forget to check the timestamps below :)
Chris's Instagram: @chrisgraphics
Books mentioned in the episode:
Steal Like An Artist: https://amzn.to/2oEDmU8
The Brand Gap: https://amzn.to/2qb0b2d
The History of Graphic Design: https://amzn.to/2Bgs37f
01:08 - Chris Abelard's Intro
02:35 - Getting into VaynerMedia
05:14 - Getting into Vevo
06:35 - Is Graphic Design a good career?
08:08 - Chris's expertise under graphic design
08:40 - Importance of Logo Design
11:05 - How should a beginner go about learning logo design or graphic design in general?
14:06 - Are there good freelance opportunities in Logo Design for newbies?
15:30 - How to get a good job as a logo designer?
16:55 - A lot of automation tools have come in the market and they'll only get better with time. Considering that, what is the future of logo design or graphic design in general?
19:00 - What are some of the other things which helped you in your design career and can help others too?
20:30 - Chris's most important piece of advice for logo designers!

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