S2:E35 Energy Part 2: Harvesting Natural Energy With Amber Thompson


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Life is movement, Healing is a journey, and all is energy.

Listen to Niva's guest, Amber Thompson. She is a holistic health influencer. She has a wonderful awareness of how to connect with earth's natural energy. In this episode, she's going to give you a foundation and lead you through some exercises that will fuel your journey with positive energy.

Everyone says they want to live a pain and stress free life. But when you are completely swallowed with self-doubt that you will never be pain free, you decide to disregard the possibility of it. So your eating, hygiene, or self-love and affirmations becomes a foreign language. Ultimately, you cannot function at full speed for the world every day, if inside your body feels like you just got hit by a truck, stabbed, zapped, pinched, burned, or completely numb.
Learn how to harvest or change natural energy that you already have inside you, to have a better life!
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