Don’t go out and do photography. Go out and engage in life. – Steve Babuljak


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In this episode of “My Love of Life Energy,” I am speaking with Steve Babuljak. As a photographer, Steve Babuljak distinguishes himself by capturing the essence of each person or subject. Fascinated with people and life from an early age, when taking photographs he looks for that specific element that will enable him to see them, to notice the light and the environment, and more importantly to connect in a way that will inherently tell their story.

Here are the links for your listening enjoyment: Audio: Video: Steve started his career as a photojournalist and continues to chase the decisive moment in his commercial work today. As an advertising photographer, director, and cinematographer he loves to capture real life with people living out their passions with a story to tell. Be it for advertising, editorial, or a personal project, he works to connect. He wants to work for clients that are striving to make a difference in the lives of others – that put people over profit and are passionate about the work they are doing.

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