3 Quick & Easy Health Habits to Set You UP for Success During the Holidays so come January, you have more energy and vibrance


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Do words like energy, excitement and hopefulness ring a bell, or does tired, I need a nap and overwhelm feel more relatable?

On this episode of Motherhood Mindeset, I interview Michelle Walker, a health and nutrition coach who helps busy moms implement healthy habits in a way that's easy and sustainable. She helps them ditch the diet mindset and promotes small manageable giving us steps toward a healthier lifestyle.
michelledawncoaching.com or my free Facebook group "Healthy Eating & Habits for Busy Moms
Atomic Habits:
What would you say about an All-Or-Nothing mentality? Or, I’ll start on Monday?

For the busy mom who wants to create better eating habits, what is the first steps?
What are simple swap foods that we have in our kitchen to create more energy?
3 actionable steps to Healthier Habits During the Holidays

What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to the listeners?

Stephanie's Bio:

Stephanie Pletka is a mom of 4, a motivational speaker, best selling author of Living Your Best Life and host of the Motherhood Mindset, a weekly podcast to help women navigate the messy parts of motherhood.
She specializes in helping moms create deep-rooted relationships with their kids, customing the family life you've always dreamed; through firepit moments, travel and exploration. From littles to teens, we've got ya covered, mama.

Get ready for entertaining stories and 3 actionable steps to finding the goodness in the hard places. It's time to chase your dreams and write your story.

Grab a copy of Living Your Best Life or download your audible for moms on the go. Subscribe to stephaniepletka.com for mom hacks, tips and upcoming events.

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