Therapy for the Therapist


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Our Hosts:

  • YOLANDI RAUSE, MS, LCMHC - Counselor
    • As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Associate, Yolandi has a heart for students and young adults. She has experience in the school system, working alongside families and educators by compassionately processing life's hardships and moving towards holistic healing and growth.
  • STEVEN PRICE, MA, LCMHC - Counselor
    • Steven is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor committed to understanding each person's story. Steven seeks to engage in past memories of struggle and pain to make sense of the whole person and work towards healing individually and in relationships. Steven has experience in many therapy areas, but he also offers coaching as life has many transitions and sometimes hard changes.
    • As a bilingual Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, Carolina enjoys working with clients on their specific goals and aims to incorporate her psychotherapy training and/or theological approaches to therapy. She hopes to provide a safe and empowering space and give understanding to each client's story.

In today's episode:

  • Carolina shares her experiences with therapy as a young woman and later with a couples therapist with her husband.
  • "Trauma happens in a relationship, so healing has to take place in a relationship as well."
  • Yolandi shares her first experience with therapy after a bad breakup in her college years. Those six sessions changed her life.
  • Many people think therapy is only something you use as a last resort, but you do not need to wait until your marriage is completely broken to go to therapy.
  • For many people, speaking with a counselor can provide a different relationship or perspective than speaking with friends and family. We talk about that from our personal experiences.
  • Steven shares his first experience with therapy after a four-year relationship ended, and at the time, it felt like the end of the world.
  • We discuss how the scientific basis behind therapy is that when we get to reprocess these things with another person, we physically change pathways in our brain.

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