Tharpana Mahalaya,Pitru Paksha, Sraddha Explained


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The period between New Moon and Full Moon in Simha Maasa (approximately in September)for 15 days is named as Mahalaya Paksha. Lunar Calendar of Hindus divides a month with reference to the waxing and waning of the Moon,into two.(for details on Hindu/Indian Calculation of Time’ please read my Blog’TIME-Non-Linear Theory,filed in Astrophysics). The waxing period is called Sukla Paksha(Sukla in Sanskrit means White, here indicates the waxing of the Moon),ending in Full Moon, Pounima, also called Pournamasya. The waning period is called Krishna Paksha( Krishna means Black),culminating in New Moon called Amavasya. Each Paksha has 14 Days ,one Amavasya and one Pournima makes a Month. One is expected to perform the duties due to the Departed daily, that is do Tharppana daily. This applies all Castes, Brahmana,Kshatriya ,Vaisya and Sudra. We have conveniently omitted to follow the Sastras, by saying that the Srardha and Tharppana are to be performed only by Brahmins . Sastras declare that there is no atonement for failing to perform the Tharppana and Srardha. Of all the curses, Piru Saapa (curse), along with Sumangali Saapa (curse by women who expired when husbands are alive) are the Deadliest. Those who perform these Karmas will be blessed with Children, Grand Children. Wealth;will be free of chronic diseases,irritating circumstances and inexplicable problems in the family. If the ancestors Bless us( we are here because of them), God follows suit. If parents curse us,(which a parent rarely does) , even God will let us down. --- Send in a voice message:

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