The Secrets To Staying Injury Free with Brad Beer


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Our guest today, Brad Beer, is a physiotherapist known for his expertise in treating running and triathlon related injuries as a physiotherapist with over 15 years experience. He's also an exercise scientist that has worked with high level athletes and national programs. He's passionate about putting out helpful content for runners through his podcast, the Physical Performance Show, which aims at educating athletes.

Brad, was a junior elite triathlete himself who has collected multiple podium and championship wins at an age group level.


00:00 - Introduction

06:25 - Brad Beer and What Physiotherapy Means To Him

08:10 - Two Main Reasons People Get Stuck With Injury

09:55 - Healing: Readjusting Expectations

11:50 - Outlining Risks and Making Right Decisions

14:20 - Common Injuries With Endurance Athletes

18:15 - The Importance Of Calf Work

25:40 - Benefits Of Progressive Workout

27:50 - Two Variables Running Injuries

30:50 - Most Predominant Injuries with Bike Riders

32:40 - Tips To Get To The Start Line Healthy

35:00 - How To Reduce Injuries While Doing Hard Intensity Workouts

39:10 - What Triathlon Means To Brad

40:50 - The Man Who Taught Brad The Most

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