An Irregular Miscellany: A selection of essays and lectures from the Common University


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Throughout the 1920s the Common University provided a free and ready source of education to the working classes of England through various lecture series and the distribution of educative pamphlets in the East End. At the time it renowned as a philanthropic exercise noted more for its good intentions than its practice of asking for lecturers' credentials. In the mid 1930s it shut down amid a small furore over the nonsense it was teaching. It was assumed by all involved that that would be the end of it.Then, toward the end of the 1990s the English poet A.F. Harrold discovered a box of papers in the attic of an elderly stranger. After exhaustive investigations, leads followed and clues uncovered he discovered that what he held in his hands were lecture notes, reports of speeches, lessons and seminars from the Common University long thought lost by educational historians. "Gosh," he thought, "This stuff's jolly interesting."Looking into the history of the Common University he found that the lives of those involved in it were surprisingly exciting and he dramatised those events and those intrepid people in a series of novels that begin with The Curious Education of Epitome Quirkstandard. Now, however, he has decided to share some of the original documents that lead him to stories through an irregular series of readings. He's right, it is jolly interesting. If not entirely factually correct.

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