Best of the Worst Injuries Vol.1(NEWLY REMASTERED)


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A Glass Blowers Companion: Best of the Worst Studio Injuries VOl 1. REMASTERED

In celebration of Halloween it's that time of year again to share to highlights of the stories, told by the artists, describing their horrific injuries of blood, burns, and mutilation. We are pleased to share these tales in hopes to remind you to always pay attention.

Artists featured in this episode: -Rashan Jones, Lurch, Boxfan Willy, Joe Skar, Lewis Wilson, Mongo, and Bob Harley Dog

Vol.II REMASTERED will be available soon and the the Premier of Vol. III

Stay tuned till next year when we bring you the traumatizing reflections of punctures, burns, and lacerations.

Until then.....HAPPY MELTING


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