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5 Torches Deep Actual Play podcast. My Friday game group play 5 Torches Deep a game that is known as an Old School Renaissance (OSR) style game which means that it plays towards the old style of Dungeons and Dragons and focus mainly on actual dungeon delving. It is a smaller less complicated ruleset that is tremendous fun with a basing in the rules from Dungeons and Dragons 5e The system is one where the party are more adventurers than heroes, they are very vulnerable and can die very easy. In the early days of the campaign we lost so many adventurers we created a In Memoriam page to honour the Glorious Dead. Find the youtube versions where we play over Roll20 and Discord here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKXu_BCsRNogbxIEWS2Clbw7WvLM9_OjY See our website here: https://5torchesdeepactualplay.co.uk/

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