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Sean Shallis, founder Ri2 Consulting/Lead Solutions, creator of "The Perfect 10X Strategy" and Chief Spokesmen of the "10X Real Estate Warrior Nation" We are your personal real estate resource, where you can get 10X real estate tips, tricks, hacks, systems and platforms to take you business to 10X Level. Do you want to make Quantum leaps in your business...? Without Working Harder, Grinding More, Spending Useless Advertising Dollars? What if we said, "Its not what your doing that isn't working in many cases.. its How your doing it, when, where, with what and with who and most of all WHY" At the 10X Real Estate Warrior Nation... We are on a mission.. a mission to help agents get back in line with the communities of people they serve. The Real Estate industry and its leaders have preached the same old message for over 100 years.. As a matter of fact, they hold onto these old school approaches like a Badge of Honor. While the community of people they serve have started to speak a entirely different language. Are you loosing clients as a result of your resistance to change? At the "10X Real Estate Warriors Nation" we realize that most people are resistant to change, change actually intimidates them, scares them and in most cases immobilizes them.... "It's your Attitude, Approach and Expectations that are in the way your approaching the task. Its the Tactical and Artificial intelligence' Tools your using to orchestra and or manage the process... it How, how Long and how much we've taken literally years worth of training and learning on individual income generation strategy's What if you could get all the Secret Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Strategies that Mega Agents aren't willing to share with you? Why is the "10X Real Estate Warrior Nation" Podcast so Different? Shallis has invested more than thirty years and over a Million dollars to search out, model, study and work "One on One" with the Worlds Foremost Experts in Real Estate, Personal Development, leadership, Entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, copyrighting, content production and distribution, all the modern day and old school coaches, trainers, and mentors...here are just some of Shallis' personal favorites... Tony Robbins, Jay Abrahams, John Alexandrov *, Russell Brunson, Zig Ziglar*, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, Brian Tracey, Brian Buffini, Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Matthew Ferry, Dean Graziosi, Mike Vance*, Daryl Rutherford*, Stu Middleman, Monica Reynolds, Dianna Kokoszka, Tony Dicello, Gary Keller, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, Marshall Sylver, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, Jack Canfield, Depaak Chopra The "10X Real Estate Warrior Nation" honors those mentors, coaches and trainers that have physically passed on, yet their message and training remains more alive than ever" Shallis said..."I feel honored to have personally studied and mentored with these incredible mentors and coaches that have passed on...We feel blessed to have the "10X Real Estate Warrior Nation" and Podcast so we can honor these absolutely brilliant minds by sharing the knowledge and information bestowed upon me over the years with our community of incredible "10X Real Estate Warriors". Over the last 30 Years Shallis has Helped buyers, Sellers and Investors successfully negotiate and navigate 1000's of real estate transactions, during even the most challenging markets. In the mid-2000's Shallis became one of "Wall Streets" trusted Real Estate Strategists, as well as their "Go to" marketing, Sales and Acquisitions Expert. Quoted as saying... "We help real Estate professionals generate 10X returns with "The Perfect 10X Strategy Series" Suite of Products." Shallis has been featured as a Real Estate Strategist and Subject Matter Expert in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg News TV, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg International News Service, CNBC and various print publications. Join the 10X Real...

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