In The Field with Michael Wiebe of Beaver Creek Customs


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On this episode, host Ethan Abramson sits down with Michael Wiebe, owner of the Macgregor, Manitoba-based furniture company Beaver Creek Customs.

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There are a lot of different types of companies that fall under the umbrella term of Furniture Business. Michael, as well as being a furniture builder, is also a furniture installer. Starting his job where most furniture makers leave off, Michael takes pieces built in a shop and makes them work in the real world.

Dealing with all the unfriendly truths of working in the field Michael has found a way to not only navigate the hard realities of install work, but to be successful at it. Working to perfect his trade with a mix of woodshop knowledge and on-site magic, he's made a solid career out of installing.

Follow along as we talk about where to learn your trade, how to deal with clients on job sites, building relationships vs contracts, and much more.

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