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Someone who doesn’t know when to stop, for better or worse. Someone always at conflict: fighting, battling, defending. Guarding and cherishing sweet things and people. Protecting the poor and oppressed. Compulsive involvement and interference, whether it be injurious and violent, unnecessarily helpful, or simply pointless meddling. Unsatisfied with an inner life; an inability to live and let live. Futile actions busy with illusions; wasted energy. The need to lay down one’s weapon: peaceful solutions, swords into plowshares, thou shall not kill. Memories, lessons, and experiences of past battles. Raging nostalgia. Grudges. Recollections of forgotten bravery or valor. Remnants and souvenirs that awaken a potent, long dormant feeling. The surviving influence of history and prior achievement. Aging, maturity, realized destiny. A holy sword. Will power, personal power and self confidence versus the ridiculous pretense of epic merit. A consecrated individual acting on behalf of a collective. A radical person compelled to obtain begrudging support from a conservative group. One who is treacherous, unsympathetic, even sadistic, with no insight on gradations of value.

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