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‘We want to fulfil ourselves but are prevented by circumstances, by our lack of capacity, by our desire to be secure, and so we are frustrated. Even if we do fulfil ourselves, there is always in fulfilment the shadow of frustration.’

This week’s episode on Frustration has four sections.

The first extract (2:40) is from the seventh talk in New Delhi 1963, titled: Is There a Way Out of Our Fundamental Anxiety, Frustration and Despair?

The second extract (21:23) is from Krishnamurti’s seventh talk in London 1961, titled: We Are Caught in the Wheel of Fulfilment and Frustration.

The third extract (51:36) is from the third question and answer meeting in Saanen 1980, titled: Frustration Is a Reaction to Discontent.

The final extract in this episode (1:05:58) is from Krishnamurti’s fourth talk in Saanen 1962, titled: Living Without Frustration or Fear. Each episode of the Krishnamurti podcast is compiled from carefully chosen extracts from our archives, representing Krishnamurti’s different approaches to fundamental issues and questions we all face in our lives. This week’s theme is Frustration. Upcoming themes are Gurus, Opinion and Judgment, and Stimulation.

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