Ep15: Review & Update of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act - An Economist Walks Into a Brothel and Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk - The Great Reset? Economist Allison Schrager Interview


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There are special protections afforded to active duty service members (and in some cases their dependents) under state and federal laws. In the Legal Segment, Spencer updates these protections and highlights recent bulletins from the DOJ and CFPB to lenders, servicers and landlords advising that they better comply.

Then join Spencer as he interviews economist Allison Schrager. Allison wrote a best-selling book called An Economist Walks Into a Brothel and Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk. In her book Allison highlights the concept of risk, how it can work for or against you in life and what you can do to even the odds and fight self-destructive habits. From the brothel to world championship poker player Phil Hellmuth, to Pentagon general H.R. McMaster, Schrager explores risk in some high stakes arenas and shows how you can use five principals to identify risk patterns in your life and make then work for you. Then Spencer and Allison discuss the Great Reset.

The concept of the Great Reset has been ongoing for years, but it gained much greater visibility and traction in June of 2020, when it was Title of the 50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. The concept is supported by politicians, activists and businesses all over the world and has three central concepts:

1. Creating conditions for a "stakeholder economy"

2. Building into all economies "equitable or sustainable" policies based on environmental, social, and governance metrics to further environmental, and social agendas i.e. government scorecards to rate the adherence of its citizens to these goals and rewarding or penalizing those who comply or fail to comply

3. Harness the emerging technological innovations (Called the Fourth Industrial Revolution i.e. AI, new industrial materials etc. for the public good, as opposed to private profit.

In the words of the IMF: green growth, smarter growth, and fairer growth. However, critics see it much differently and view it as: An alliance of unelected and powerful people worldwide who want to limit national sovereignty and impose a global rearrangement of the social and economic system (based on socialist principles) to take away assets and rights from those who don’t conform to the new system, and reward those who do conform.

Listen as Allison and Spencer discuss this subject and see what you think.

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