270. Ryan J. Glass: How to Break In to a Competitive Luxury Market


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Today I’m taking to Ryan J. Glass with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Boston, Massachusetts.
Now ranked a top real estate agent nationwide, Ryan’s path to residential luxury real estate wasn’t exactly the usual.
He worked for the U.S. General Services Administration, the largest owner of public real estate where he marketed and sold surplus property for the federal government - including lighthouses for the US Coast Guard!
In that role Ryan learned not just about the marketing and selling of real estate, he learned how to get creative to make deals happen and how to simplify even the most intricate and complex systems to ensure transactions closed.
But Ryan soon realized he wanted more out of his career. He took the leap. Ryan transitioned from his government job and elevated to the top ranks in luxury real estate in Boston, considered one of the most challenging competitive real estate markets in the US.
Ryan and I talk about
How to Break Into a Competitive Luxury Market.

  • 0:00 - Ryan J. Glass: How to Break In to a Competitive Luxury Market
  • 4:42 - The shift from government job to top luxury real estate agent
  • 6:04 - Ryan’s background story and how he transitioned into luxury real estate
  • 10:14 - How Ryan used his experiences to grow into his current success
  • 14:06 - Ryan’s lessons learned from seasoned agents and his real estate transactions with big government
  • 22:18 - Ryan’s strategies for business development and closing big deals
  • 27:15 - The story of Ryan’s first big luxury deal
  • 32:27 - His biggest surprise, encouragements and future plans in realty
  • 37:24 - Ryan’s business operation model and team, systems and structures
  • 52:30 - Most impactful resource to Ryan’s success
  • 54:04 - The book that changed Ryan’s life/career
  • 56:15 - Ryan’s ultimate advice for success

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