Breaking down the basics of cross-border taxation, with special guest, Lori Keightley!


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Lately, I have been receiving A LOT of requests to have a few episodes on cross-border issues. I am kicking things off by bringing on my special guest, and fellow tax chick, Lori Keightley to break down the basics on Canada/US taxation. We discuss:

- Are you a US Citizen? (11:40)
- Why does it matter? What are your tax filing obligations? (18:00)
- What are the tax implications of renouncing US citizenship? (25:30)
- What happens if you own property in the US? (30:20)
- What about if you are working in the US, but living in Canada (or vice versa)? (41:12)

Did you know that the taxation system in Canada is very different from the US? This can have some interesting implications for those persons who have ties to both countries. Check out our conversation for some practical tips on how to navigate cross-border issues!

And if you still want to learn more, check out Season 2 of The Tax Chick Podcast - in episode 2, I chat with Steven Flynn about taxation of snowbirds, and in a bonus episode, I chat with Jamie Szal about tax implications for Canadians selling their services/wares to the US.




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