PCOS & the Progesterone hormone: Symptoms of low progesterone, Why it’s important, and How to improve levels with Dr. Samina Mitha!


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Many PCOS women deal with low progesterone which can lead to symptoms like long cycles, heavy periods, trouble sleeping, miscarriages, and more.

On today’s episode, Dr. Samina Mitha joins us to talk all about Progesterone. We talk about what Progesterone is, how it is produced, and how low levels of progesterone can affect PCOS symptoms.

You’ll learn:

- Natural ways to support Progesterone

- Why Progesterone is important for overall health and TTC

- Synthetic Progesterone vs Natural Progesterone

- When & how to test Progesterone levels

To find more PCOS resources from Dr. Samina Mitha, check out her website and Instagram! You can also join her PCOS facebook group!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free!




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