The Omaha Podcast: Grow Your Business


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Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, the highs and lows of owning a business challenge us all. During my first three years in business, I did everything you should not do. In 2020 I tried a new strategy that was simple, effective, and is now the premise for this podcast. I surrounded myself with the people I wanted to influence me, and I always followed their advice on what I should learn next. I quickly found that those inspirational memes and motivational quotes won't keep your business doors open. It's not about how many hours worked or networking groups joined, but it's really about the simple, basic, 'not-so-sexy' things that matter most. The premise of this show is the same strategy for you, as we will surround you with Omaha's most successful entrepreneurs to give you the fundamentals you need to succeed. Omaha’s most successful entrepreneurs actually help you grow your business. The Omaha Podcast is a Production of Two Brothers Creative, LLC, Copyright 2022

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