Episode 43: Beyond the diaspora-development nexus: Towards value-based engagement & segmentation of the African diaspora


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Hello and welcome to the Migration & Diaspora Podcast, with me your co-host, Aurore.

Today, I'm joined Kemo Camara, CEO and Founder of Omek to talk about the complexity of the African diaspora and how a psychographic segmentation of the latter led him to found Omek.

About Kemo

Originally from Guinea, Kemo is the founder of Omek, a community-centric platform whose mission is to amplify the talent, the voices, and energy of biculturals of African descent. Kemo is a social entrepreneur, community leader, economist, and public speaker.

Kemo believes that the potential of the bicultural talent, especially those of African descent, is greatly untapped and underestimated, and if unlocked, will create empowered professionals who are meaningful contributions to the economy and culture.

He has lived, studied and worked across Guinea, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands, where he is now based. He has a BA in Business Administration and a Master in Development Economics and International Studies.

What we talk about

In this interview, Kemo tells us all about how his psychographic segmentation of the African diaspora led him to found Omek. We talk about the role value-based segmentation as a potential unifier of the global African diaspora, the need to move beyond the diaspora-development nexus and the paradoxes of privilege within African diaspora engagement.

We also talk about how Omek, an organization that supports bi-culturals of African descent, is on a mission to normalize collaboration and community building and how it does so.

I'm excited for you to get into this interview, so I'd like to thank you, as always, for tuning in and please do enjoy the show.


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