Ep 203) DC Republicans Opposed Trump More Then They Do Biden.


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The GOP leadership is worthless. With no consequences, there will never be an end to the increasing tyranny of the left. The Democrats have gone all in to inflict as much pain and suffering on the country and using the powers of Government to silence or intimidate any opposition to their authoritarian agenda. This includes the lefts new plan for implementing censorship to destroy any platform that doesn't suppress information inconvenient to the left's narratives.

Don't look to the Republicans in DC or any elected office to do anything about it, they just don't want to. The current bunch of Republicans in office, unfortunately, support the Democrat's agenda. The same Republicans that threaten President Trump with impeachment should he take action to stop the left's baseless special counsel probe are silent, no mention of any impeachment against Biden for the already numerous constitutional violations. Why would they, after all, they helped to unconstitutionally install Biden into the White House.

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