Ep 202) Why Won't The GOP Stand Up To Biden?


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The Democrats in 2018 ran a campaign of impeaching President Trump for no other reason than not liking the fact that he beat Hillary in a free and fair election. Despite less than half the country believing Biden is the constitutionally legitimate President and has the lowest approval of any President at this point in their administration. The GOP still won't stand up to Biden.

Republicans in office may go on camera and complain about the illegal and unconstitutional actions taken by the Biden administration and those they plan to take, the GOP acts as if powerless to do anything about it. Republicans should be making clear to Biden and those that serve in his administration that come 2022 when the Republicans retake the House and Senate impeachment will be the consequence for unlawful and unconstitutional actions.

So where are the talks of impeachment, where are the talks of consequences for the Biden administration. Mid-terms are usually a time when the opposition makes big wins. However, if the GOP is content to only complain and act helplessly to stop the illegal actions of the Biden Administration, what would be the point? If the GOP legislature refuses to pass laws Biden wants and Biden does it anyways with unconstitutional executive orders, will there be consequences or just complaints with no action?

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