Episode 82 How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income: Interview with Tamara Howell


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Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and can’t decide on just one idea to develop? Can you create multiple streams of income using your counseling skills?

MEET Tamara Howell

Tamara is a psychotherapist and private practice coach for therapists offering online courses, workshops, paperwork templates, and coaching groups.

Find out more at Practice With Tamara and connect with Tamara on Instagram

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  • What is a multi-offer ecosystem? 6:06
  • Why have multiple streams of income? 7:52
  • What are common streams of income for therapists? 15:15

What Is A Multi-Offer Ecosystem?

  • Understanding a standard sales funnel
  • How to make each of your sales offers independent of each other
  • Creating better offers for your ideal clients with this system
  • Reaching more people by creating different and unique offerings

Why Have Multiple Streams Of Income?

  • Finding an outlet for someone with an entrepreneurial drive
  • Creating connections and opportunities consistently
  • Having flexibility when you have multiple streams of income
  • The difference between passive income and scalable income

What Are Common Streams Of Income For Therapists?

  • Learning from your everyday routines and processes when generating ideas
  • Examining how much time certain things take you and creating a more efficient system
  • Different types of models for sharing this information with others
  • Presenting your ideas in a new and different way than what is already available

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Find out more at Practice With Tamara and connect with Tamara on Instagram

ACCESS HERE: TheraBundle

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