193: The Best Relationship Advice You Need to Hear with Kristin & Danny Adams


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Married couples - LISTEN UP! Today you’re about to get your world rocked in the BEST way possible. We’re about to have the most powerful, raw, and life-changing conversation with two of the sweetest and funniest humans on earth. Kristin and Danny Adams bring the fire talking about all things relationships and marriage.

Now if you don’t know who they are, Kristin and Danny Adams are the husband-and-wife duo whose February 2017 lip-sync video went mega-viral and completely changed their lives. To date, it’s been viewed over 300 million times and has grown their online community to one million people.

Before they started making videos, Kristin worked in the entertainment industry as a television host and correspondent, and Danny worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, comedian, and stunt man for sports commercials. Now, they work together full-time to produce online family-friendly content where God is always welcome. When they aren’t making videos, they homeschool their two children, travel across the country hosting and emceeing live events, speak at marriage conferences, and perform their “Laughter Is the Best Medicine” program.

In today’s episode, Kristin and Danny share their raw story of coming to the Lord together as a couple, how their relationships with God completely changed their lifestyle before marriage. Before they found the Lord they were working in Hollywood, living together, having sex, and made the radical choice after finding the Lord to move out, commit to purity until their wedding date, and completely changed their entire lifestyle. We then chatted about some of the most powerful marriage truths, principles, and tools that will completely transform a relationship from “boo to woo”. We discuss finding marriage mentors and how they can change your life, incorporating community and how it can play into your relationship, and just so many other nuggets of wisdom.

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