182: How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money


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Today’s episode is a topic we’ve never specifically dived deep into before, so we’re freaking excited about this! Today we’re chatting about all things affiliate marketing. Not only is this a great way to serve your audience with the brands, companies, or products they need it’s also a great way to earn some extra side cash. A lot of big bloggers or influencers make a vast majority of their entire income off affiliate marketing!

But it might feel a little confusing and overwhelming at first or maybe you’re thinking “oh, I don’t have a huge audience, I can’t use affiliate links yet…” well THINK AGAIN!

Today we’re breaking down what affiliate marketing is, how you can utilize it to its full potential, how to get started, what companies/platforms we recommend starting with, and the biggest mistakes to avoid. It’s a fun deep dive into the world of affiliates

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