Career Accelerator For Financial Planning - Part 3 of 4


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Financial Planner Life – Career accelerator program

Episode 3 – How to prepare for job interviews in financial planning

This episode focuses on the interview stage of securing a new job in the financial planning profession, such a huge part of the process. This is where leaning into an experienced recruiter elevates you above the competition and helps you deliver the best version of yourself. We also take into consideration the emotions attached to interviews and the pitfalls of not asking the right questions that align to your intrinsic values.

· Why securing multiple job offers from the right companies, gives you leverage to increase salary offers.

· How to flex your interview muscles!

· The power of preparation, practice, and research, and why being coached by an experienced, knowledgeable recruiter will elevate your performance at interview.

· What are the right questions to ask during the interview, with a big focus on values and culture?

· What’s going through the hiring manager's head at the interview stage?

· The Halo effect, how to control it, and use it to your advantage!

· Competency-based questions: How best to prepare and deliver the right answers.

· Telephone, video, and face-to-face interviews, what to consider, and how to prepare.

· The value of negative feedback.

· Why asking for evidence of career progression, and the success of current employees is essential - don’t believe the hype!

· Graduate? We have some tips for you!

· Excite the hiring manager by providing evidence of your success and value.

· Securing an offer of employment, and how to handle this during the interview.

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