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What happens if finding the truth is no longer of any value and instead, news organizations are merely interested in keeping you entertained? Today on the Spiritual Spiral, I'm excited to welcome back Matt Bilinsky to the show. With the California recall just a few weeks away and the end of the pandemic seemingly nowhere in sight, I felt it was important to have Matt back on the show. Matt is an attorney, a start-up advisor and he also uses social media to break down news and conduct important interviews about current events. Matt and I begin by talking about the strange look of the world, the ongoing mandates, the danger of vilifying the unvaccinated and we wonder if we will ever be back to "normal." We discuss the value of finding the truth, combatting people's apathy created by all the incessant distractions and we talk about the approaching California recall. We discuss the mistakes of Newsom, why this recall is so important and the ongoing struggle we all face by trying to navigate the often deceptive media landscape. Matt also shares some wonderful perspective on New York, California and Europe and why he remains hopeful we may be turning a corner and be on our way out of this strange dystopian world. Be sure to follow Matt on IG @mattbilinsky where I'm sure you'll find his content valuable and thought provoking. If you enjoy today's episode and you want to support the show, please subscribe on iTUNES. Consider sharing the show with your friends which is also a huge help. Sharing is caring and a great way to support the show or head over to iTunes and write a quick review. You can also support the show by becoming a subscriber at where you can access full episodes and exclusive content only available to subscribers. You can also visit my website and sign up for my email list and newsletter. I also released another brand new song on Bandcamp which you can purchase by clicking HERE. You can find me on Substack by clicking HERE and as always, thanks so much for listening and supporting the show. Please reach out on Twitter or IG @eddiecohn with any questions.

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