Personal Branding for Doctors and Other Professional Services with Rosella Papale


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How would you react if you learned your doctor was a social media influencer?

On today's episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with Rosella Papale from Briggs Hub to discuss creating memorable brands for the more "serious" professionals. Rosella is a trained medical doctor and a brand marketing nerd on a mission to bring brands to life for entrepreneurs and medical physicians.

Nurses and doctors are now on social sites like TikTok lip-syncing and educating their patients. But is this act eroding patients' trust? Rosella believes it does the opposite. Social media is the place to build trust. And there's no better place to build that trust than the testy waters of TikTok.

Listen in to learn how medical practitioners are building trust through social media - and how marketing and personal branding can work together.


  • Elements of branding in marketing
  • Personal branding for doctors
  • How doctors are using TikTok to educate patients
  • Should you have a website for your personal brand?
  • Tips for creating content for your brand
  • Brand personality and how to build an unforgettable brand
  • Actions that can potentially kill your brand
  • Ethical personal branding for doctors



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