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Pamela Wirth is a business consultant and creator of a supplement company known as Hello Health. Pamela graduated from college with degrees in economics and mathematics. With the goal of starting with the largest business she could, her first job was with Motorola. She took each opportunity as a learning experience creating a valuable skill set that allows her to make a difference with each company she consults with. She has worked with hospitality, wellness, and technology industries. Pamela draws on her over 25 years of experience and her expert network to help companies bring their visions to fruition and implement strategies for growth.

On top of all of that, she began a wellness company known as Hello Health after her son began showing signs of neuro-divergence. From there, one of the biggest pieces of advice she gleaned from the health professionals she consulted was to get her son’s gut in good condition. This involves taking in good nutrition as well as eliminating the bad. Hello Health is a platform that promotes products tailored to brain, gut, and immune health. A major emphasis for this is for those that were diagnosed as neuro-divergent. Her mission is to help people feel different from the inside out.

Pamela takes some time to give us some tips and tricks for creating the work environment we want whether you are a CEO or a worker that needs to ask for more. She dives into the differences between working with a startup versus a public company. She also shares the importance of innovation and creativity within the work environment.

Things You’ll learn:

  • Learn how to use each work experience as an opportunity to learn
  • Pamela Shares the importance of embracing collaboration, transparency, and creating a healthy work culture.
  • What makes each business a growing, breathing thing?
  • How can you define what is important to a company?
  • Why is customer service so important in business?

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