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Have you ever wondered why sometimes things just work out? No matter what you do, you land on your feet and business momentum continues. Or maybe you are having a tougher time of it and slogging it out, trying to make it all fit with no results. Is it a matter of timing, mindset or is it something greater? In a business world where every second counts, timing and the ability to make educated decisions will only improve your business success. Jeanette Han is a certified astrologist of 20 years. Specialising in horary astrology, Jeanette explains how by interpreting your charts for exact moments in time, you can chart out the challenges with confidence and explain your successes with clarity. An awesome conversation providing business owners with the opportunity to understand alternate methods to improve your performance and evaluate your path. Don't forget to leave us a review, subscribe and follow the show here You can connect with Kevin below
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