The Wasteland Weekend 2021 Music Line-up


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AHTCK lead singer, Tim Cottage joins the show once again to help MakeShift go over all the main stage music acts of Wasteland Weekend 2021 including:

Wednesday is all DJ’s to open up the week of explosive music.

  • WED 7pm DJ Scythe – Plays Industrial, EBM/TBM, Witch House, and Aggrotech music.
  • WED 8pm Johanna Constantine – Plays the music people want
  • WED 9pm DasKreestof – Spins goth, old school industrial, and modern industrial, and has spun on the last 10 goth cruises.
  • WED 10pm - Zero2Nick – Playing harsh electronic beats.
  • WED 11pm Mystic – Plays a large variety of different styles of music including their own remixes.

Thursday kicks off the live bands.

  • THU 7:30 Fleischkrieg - moody, electronic sound melds industrial metal with darkwave undertones, creating their own genre of brutalwave, providing crushing industrial dance beats with ominous and aggressive vocals. “Fool’s Folly”
  • THU 9pm Militia Vox - MILITIA VOX has no regard for genre, gender roles or stereotypes. A truly modern multi-hyphenate artist with a DIY ethos; this black cat has had many lives and has always broken boundaries. Militia’s mesmerizing presence, raw power and 4 octave range consistently capture the hearts of icons and outsiders alike. Her sonic palette, which she affectionately calls “Avant Dark,” is a mix of alternative metal, goth/industrial, prog rock, heavy psych, loaded with female-fueled angst. “Born Out of Darkness”
  • THU 11pm DJ - Th3 0M3N Spinning Industrail, Metal, Cyberpunk, Glitch, Powernoise, Hardcore, Synthwave, EDM, and Drum and Bass.


  • FRI 7pm Drift - Melodic howls, drilling riffs, thumping bass lines and thrashing drums… DRIFT is all about the live show. Live vocals, live wires, on stage theatrics operated by musical architects of the DRIFT machine. “Over the Edge”
  • FRI 8:15 Old Blood - Old Blood pushes doom/stoner rock into unique territory with the addition of crystal clear vocals, keyboards, an emphasis on heady grooves, and an extensive live stage show beyond the wall of amplifiers. Elements of early ‘70s rock and psychedelia weaves into the down-tempo swing-beat fabric of fuzz-laden desert rock to come together in what the band refers to as “Acid Doom.” “Bloody Feathers”
  • FRI 9:30pm AHTCK - Returning to Wasteland Weekend for the 9th year in a row – AHTCK is Southern-California Post-ApocaROCK and the closest thing Wasteland has to our own house band! “Antagonist” by AHTCK
  • FRI 10:30 Jason Charles Miller - One of L.A.’s great songwriters and singers, and a veteran of our Wasteland stage. You may know him from his old project GodHead “In the Wasteland”
  • FRI 11:15pm DJ Corpse Toe DJing only the heaviest post-apocalyptic tunes, featuring stage theatrics and props.


  • SAT 7:30pm ArnoCorps The unparalleled pioneers of Action Adventure Hardcore Rock n’ Roll, determined to unleash the heroic potential of audiences throughout the Wasteland! “Total Recall”
  • SAT 8:30 Through the Occulus Female Fronted From Apple Valley, California. Beautifully haunting harmonies over dark melodic death metal riffs. “Order of the Eye”
  • SAT 9:30 Dead Animal Assembly Plant - Back for a third year! They’re definitely part of the Wasteland now. Down and dirty industrial metal. “A Violent Breed”
  • SAT 11pm DJ Joe Virus – playing Goth, Industrial, Techno and more styles of music.

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