Have you ever wanted to shoot your brother-in-law? Shooting in Dalton, Georgia


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Two shots rang through the air on a hot June night in Downtown Dalton, Georgia. One led to the death of a cousin (Mayor Kills Cousin Downtown Dalton), and the other shooting would leave an ex-brother-in-law's life changed forever.

Why did Archie Cargal shoot Carl Puryear? How did that shooting impact the lives of 2 Dalton men forever? Join us as we talk about divorce, remarriage, and the impact of taking a man's kids from him.

Crime: Shot

Location: Dalton, Georgia

Date: 1920

Victim: Carl Puryear

Criminals: Archie Cargal

Witnesses: the family of Archie Cargal

Sentence: 3 months on chaingang and $50 fine

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Sweet Tea Crime is a true crime podcast hosted by Jordana Swanson and Lea Hartline. We share true crimes 90 years or older from the Southern United States. We upload on Monday. Make sure to like, share, follow and leave us a review!

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