Episode #15 - Get Real (Who Do You Think You Are?)


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This week in our BONUS Get Real "Who Do You think You Are?" episode we dive right into a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, IDENTITY! Knowing who you are matters and is so important! We share very personal experience and struggles with trying to find our identity in the wrong places.

From pretending, to masking, to people-pleasing your way through your search for identity .. you name it and we GET REAL with it this week! Finally we close with how and who (the one and only O.G. Jesus) we draw our identity from, and the road we took to get there. Spoiler Alert .. we are still on the journey, but we close with feeling authentic and comfortable knowing who you are!

We love all of you and hope this week's episode inspires you to start being your true and amazing self!

"Who Do You Think You Are?" You are the only you there is and that is amazing !!

Harvard Business Article "The Feedback Fallacy"


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