#24: I Don't Talk to Dead Bodies: The Curious Encounters of a Forensic Psychiatrist with Dr Rhona Morrison


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In this episode, I sat down with Dr Rhona Morrison, she is retired doctor (consultant forensic psychiatrist) from Scotland, who spent more than 30 years working in the NHS with mentally disordered offenders.
She is also the author of the book titled I Don't Talk to Dead Bodies: The Curious Encounters of a Forensic Psychiatrist. The book delves into the minds of real people, whose actions may shock and stun you, but who's stories have the power to challenge your assumptions and the stigma that surrounds mental illness.
Some of the discussion points in the episode includes:

  • How much her upbringing contributed towards her career path
  • Why was it important to open up about grief in the book
  • The stigma around mental illness and it not being something that happens to 'other people' it happens to everyone from all walks of life
  • The improvised techniques used to gain a patients trust
  • What is a vital component in forensic care? and is being right for the job down to the type of person you are or something that can be learned as one becomes more accustomed to it?

The Book and Audiobook: I Don't Talk to Dead Bodies: The Curious Encounters of a Forensic Psychiatrist. is out now.
You can also find out about Dr Morrison's other projects via her website: https://www.rhonamorrison.com
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