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Giles has been put in charge of Sunnydale High's annual talent show by the new student-hating principal, Principal Snyder. Buffy, Xander, and Willow find Giles’ new gig very amusing until they too are forced into participating by Snyder, who sees them, especially Buffy, as trouble makers. Things get worse, however, when a member of the cast is found with her heart removed, leading Giles to suspect there is a demon at work harvesting organs. Buffy first suspects amateur ventriloquist Morgan, a fellow student experiencing extreme headaches. But when he turns up minus his brain, Buffy’s suspicion moves to Morgan’s creepy dummy, Sid. Sid turns out to be a demon hunter imprisoned in a puppet's body and is hunting the demon himself. Sid helps Buffy track the demon down, saving Giles just before he becomes the demon's next victim.


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