(Highlights) Noah Wilson-Rich · Co-founder/CEO, The Best Bees Company, Urban Beekeeping Solutions


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“I was originally drawn to bees because they're social creatures. And as humans, I always wanted to know about ourselves and how we can be our healthiest selves and our healthiest society. Bees and wasps, and all of these organisms have been around for so long. Bees especially have been around for 100 million years.”
Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO of The Best Bees Company, the largest beekeeping service in the US. He is a 20-time published author and 3-time TEDx speaker. He’s on a mission to improve pollinator health worldwide as a means to support our global food system and support the transformation of urban areas from gray to green. He is the author of The Bee: A Natural History.

· Book: The Bee: A Natural History

· Their blog offers many resources:

· National Pollinator Week June 20 - 26
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· Green roof company
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